Building Road Links is Our Pride, Innovation is Our Mission
Link the Road
With new value creation through technological innovation as our mission, we build roads to join cities, connect regions, and link to the future


On April 1, 2021, we revised the Management Philosophy that we established in 1991: “Ever Mindful of the Future Global Environment.” Until now, we have promoted eco-friendly business activities with the aim of realizing coexistence between cities and the environment as a global citizen. In the meantime, however, the social and economic environment has undergone rapid and considerable change, and this change appears to be gaining pace in recent years. We therefore decided to redefine our corporate misssion and vision for the future, while upholding the fundamental ethos behind the existing Management Philosophy, and embody them in a Code of Conduct that responds to the demands placed upon us by our stakeholders and society. This Code of Conduct represents a new managerial guidepost for us going forward, conveying the pride and mission of CHIZAKIDORO into the future, in perpetuity.

At the same time, we have formulated our Medium-term Management Plan 2021, spanning three years starting from the current fiscal year. Under the present executive structure, we positioned the first Medium-term Management Plan as “formulation of the business foundation” and this, the second Medium-term Management Plan, as “establishment of the business foundation.” By actively taking-on bold challenges to build a base for growth, we aim to establish the foundation of the business and achieve a sustainable growth trajectory. We judged that the thorough reinforcement of our business competitiveness is necessary to achieve this goal. The basic policy of Medium-term Management Plan 2021 reflects this: “Towards sustainable growth through thorough reinforcement of business competitiveness—establishing the business foundation and achieving sustainable growth trajectory by business revitalization and stronger competitiveness through business structure reform.” We hope to link this into the “stage of rapid advance” under our third Medium-term Management Plan, achieving our long-term growth scenario. A strong sense of uncertainty continues to pervade the business environment, partly due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, we will work in anticipation of the resolution of the pandemic, to further strengthen coordination within the organizational structure, and increase cohesion across the entire company, while harnessing employees’ renewed awareness of achieving goals to drive organizational revitalization. We will strive to make CHIZAKIDORO a company renowned for its organizational strength, and further enhance its corporate value as a company with an important role in constructing, maintaining and renewing Japan’s infrastructure. We ask for your continued support of our operations.

April 2021

Seiji Watanabe
President and Chief Exective Officer